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Craigslist Changes. If the changes hurt your business then you need to read this

Author: Somewhat of an expert on makin great money posting free ads on Craigslist

First off, I want you to bookmark this page. This article will be ongoing & article updates will be constant as I uncover new marketing techniques to replace Craigslist. Before long you won't miss Craigslist at all. I call it life after Craigslist. You will also find out that Craigslist is not the biggest or the best free marketing tool online.

If you are reading this then you are probably affected by the new Craigslist Phone Verification System upgrade. I was using a loophole in the Craigslist Phone Verification System up until September 15, 2009 to post my ads every day, and made decent cash from it. I was making 2k a week or more from Craigslist until they clamped down.

Craigslist is a big marketing tool, but by no means the best. Out of all the tools in my marketing arsenal, Craigslist is a mini assault rifle. I have a couple of marketing missiles that make more cash in one day than Craigslist can make me in a month. I am not marketing at all on Craigslist as I write this article. Craig can stick his list where the sun don't shine, as far as I'm concerned.

I have other marketing tools that make way more money. I also studied and took a couple of quick cheap article marketing courses and that totally changed my outlook on my earning potential. I realized that Craigslist was stunting my financial growth because it took a while to place my ads every day using the dreaded dial-up method.

It did hurt me a little to lose 10% of a weeks pay when Craigslist got tough, but I quickly made up for the loss. I made up the Craigslist loss in less than 8 days and am now making more money that I was using Craigslist. I made up that week I lost when Craigslist changed their phone verification system and am now 6% ahead of my usual income for the month of September. I didn't even miss a beat or a buck.

The last time Craigslist.org got tough was last year in 2008. Craigslist.org sued all the US and Canadian companies that were making Craigslist auto posting software and producing Craigslist Phone Verified Accounts for resale. 99% went out of business including CL AUTO POSTER Software company. The company also went by Craigslist Auto-Poster Software company.

With all my luck, I actually had a Craigslist Phone Verification Account order placed with a company in Florida in 2008. They were shut down by Craigslist.org with a court order the day after I sent them $160 for 40 Craigslist Phone Verified Accounts. They kept my money and never emailed me again or attempted to make a refund.

I think most of us deep inside knew that this clampdown would happen one day soon. I started planning for this Craigslist clampdown a few months back. It did not affect me at all because I discovered better free ways to market my products. I actually make way more money now than I was making using Craiglist alone.

Using a combination of the right marketing techniques and software can really push your sales through the roof.

I have an arsenal of tools in my marketing war chest and Craiglist was a good one, but not my best one. I have at least 10 other marketing tricks and tools that produce more income for me than Craigslist. This time I was one step ahead of Craigslist.org's new crackdown.

When I market online, I think like a General in the US Armed Forces. I come up with a strategy to defeat and destroy, and then develop the plan to it's fullest potential. I study all the angles, and come up with a list of things that I need to do battle. I then get the weapons, and the weapons training to use them. I need to fully conquer and defeat the competition. Well at least some of them.:) That's my approach! I look at the big picture. When a General goes into war he has the infantry, the tank division, guided missiles and other weapons he will need to win the war. An internet marketer has to think the same way.

If Craigslist was your sole source of income then I feel very badly for you. This must be really hurting you . I am writing this article specifically for the people who were operating solely on Craigslist. You folks need to act fast to keep your income coming in and I hope to be of some assistance.

After a couple of weeks of training in Article Marketing, which by the way cost me a $1. I had the 3 organic listings on the first search results page of Google search for the exact same item. I also had 1 paid ad on that same search results page.

There are only 10 organic search ads per Google search results page and I know how to get 2 to 4 of those slots. This is the best marketing technique I have ever learned. It took me about an hour to understand how it worked but then realized how darn simple it was. Through an adwords ad into the mix and you can get even more spots on the first Google search results page.

Because this Craigslist Change has affected sellers and marketers worldwide I have decided to share with you some of the tools in my marketing war chest.

I am finishing this article up for now and will update it very soon. The first thing I recommend is learning how to write an article the right way. Don't just go out and waste your time writing articles without taking the online class I took for a buck. This $1 changed my whole outlook on marketing

Go take your $1 article marketing class and wait for my next update. After that Article writing class you will be ready for my next tip. I am hoping to make updates weekly here. This will give you time to practice the tricks of my online marketing arsenal.

Don't forget to bookmark this article so you can come back for your next marketing tip. Now go take your class for a buck. Don't put off taking this marketing class because the price goes up to $39 real soon. Take your class by clicking here.

Please leave your feedback here about your experience with the article writing class. I can't wait to hear your feedback. You will never be the same after this quick easy to understand article marketing class. I promise you that.

Till next time.

About the Author:

I make my living off of Craiglist and other places. I felt the pinch of the new Craigslist Phone Verification System changes until I discovered these new marketing technique

Article Source: ArticlesBase.com - Craigslist Changes. If the changes hurt your business then you need to read this

Have a nice day!

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