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If You Want To Make Money Online, Avoid These 5 Things

Author: Mohamed Adam Jr

Many people get started with Internet Marketing and soon find that there is a whole World of "must have" programs in order to make money online. What many Beginners fail to realize is that everything you need to make money online can be found for free on the Internet. But the Internet is full of people trying to get Newbies money and many are taken advantage of. Let the Buyer beware when getting into Internet Marketing!

So I sat down and made up this list of 5 things you should watch out for when getting started in Internet Marketing. They may not be scams, but they are designed to get your money. Many times there are cheaper or even free alternatives to these systems. Some may just be too difficult for Beginners to master. So, without further ado, here is my list of 5 things Beginning Internet Marketers should avoid when starting out.

Site Build It is a program that promises you everything you need to be successful online. The problem. You can get everything you need to be successful online for free. Of course, they fail to tell you that. The cost? $300 bucks! There is a lot of better places a Beginner can spend $300 rather than Site Build it, also known as SBI or sitesell.com. This program has been taking Newbies money for a long time. It's not needed to get started making money online, so pass on it and save your money.

Would you think about spending hundreds, maybe even thousands of dollars on something you knew nothing about? This is exactly what many Newbies do when they start using PPC advertising. PPC, or Pay Per Click, advertising can make you a lot of money. But it requires a lot of know-how to use and you need a lot of money up front. Money that you're willing to lose. Those who are successful with PPC have spent thousands testing, and losing, to see what works and what doesn't for their particular product or service. You'd be better off hiring a PPC professional to run your campaign and paying their fee!

It's easy for Newbies to get into a rut reading Make Money Blogs or become a cult like follower of a Blogger because he says he makes a lot of money online and you want to be just like him or her. Heck, they may even post pictures of checks for a lot of money. Remember back in the day the Nike commercials where they told us to be "like Mike" (meaning Michael Jordan). They sold a lot of tennis shoes but I don't know anyone who became like Mike just because they wore Nike tennis shoes! There are only a handful of Bloggers who really make money from the Internet as Internet Marketers. The folks at The Keyword Academy and The Make Money For Beginners blog by Griz are two that I know of that will show you legitimate ways of making money online and do it for free.

Chances are if you've spent any time online you've seen a landing page pushing an ebook or make money system that promises you great riches just for buying and following them. Most of these are put out by people who aren't making any money their self. If you look them up, you'll find that they are always pushing ebooks on how to make money, but none of their websites that are supposedly making money. Save you money, everything you need to know can be found online for free.

I bet you've seen the ads for software that promises to turn you into a money making machine overnight if you'll only use their software. I've been making money for years online and I only use a few software programs that I purchased, the rest that I use can be found on the Internet for free. Any program for keyword and niche research, blog or website building and website analytics can be found for free online. Don't pay for the stuff.

By educating yourself and avoiding these 5 money pits, you'll go a long way in insuring your future as a successful Internet Marketing. It does take some money to get started making an income online, but you need to be smart and know where to spend your hard earned money.


About the Author:

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Article Source: ArticlesBase.com - If You Want To Make Money Online, Avoid These 5 Things

Have a nice day!

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